Lily Erb-Artist

Meet artist Lily Erb! For Lily has created strikingly original sculptures out of material she has found in her shop. Experimenting with things like spray foam, steel, and sanding belts, Lily says she thrives on “the act of discovery in experimentation.”


“I set rules for myself, and then I break them” she explains. There are specific things that she aims to achieve or focus on, like channeling the mountains near her hometown in Virginia, but within that structure she allows herself infinite possibilities.

Her art is evolving, as well. Every installation she does their is a slight difference in the display. “It allows me to work with the space” Erb explains, “as well as my mood.”

Experimentation in 5 words for Lily:

Re-invention, relaxation, repetition, adjustment, expression

See Lily Erb’s unique sculptures at the Laboratory on June 8th!


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