Esther White-Artist

Meet artist Esther S. White!


For her work in The Laboratory, Esther will be showing a series of mono-type prints, created by applying ink to a smooth plate and then pressing that onto paper. The process means that no two prints come out exactly the same, and Esther further experiments with her pieces by taking ink off in different ways or adding extra layers. She also experiments with trace drawing, applying pressure to the back of a sheet of paper in different places to create various lines on the print.

While the application of the print varies, the images remain consistent. Esther uses images of hands, inspired by the chronic pain she started to experience some years ago, specifically in her hands. “I became interested in the expressive language of hands and reading into them” she explains. After trying other mediums, she discovered that mono-type was the best way to convey a particular feeling as well as allow her to push the emotional and communicative aspects of color. 

To Esther, experimentation can be described in just three words:

Intuitive, Flexibility, Risk.


See some of Esther’s work at The Laboratory on June 8th, and even more at Amherst Town Hall starting June 6th! She’s everywhere!


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