Jason Kotoch-Artist


Artist Jason Kotoch

Artist Jason Kotoch













Local Artist Jason Kotoch is the next in our artist exposé series. His art grows from a seed of investigation; “I like sitting down with something and figuring it out.” Jason’s five words to explain experimentation were “going down the rabbit hole”, and this approach to his craft has led Jason to explore a variety of creative means.

For his exhibit in The Laboratory, Jason took on the idea of  communal space-focusing on what the designations of public vs. private space actually mean. He decided the best means for this job was furniture, namely chairs. And you better believe he went out and learned some carpentry to turn his idea into a reality.

“We are constantly negotiating the space around us.” Jason says, ” My work is intended to interrupt the spatial expectations that many of us have by inverting commonly understood spatial norms.”

Intrigued to see how Jason is using chairs to demonstrate this? Come to the opening night of The Laboratory on June 8th to see what his experiment yields.


The Laboratory


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